The smoke chamber is an important part of your chimney structure, but standard chimney construction can minimize it's effectiveness.  SaverSystems Chamber Coat can help.

Chase pans are an important part of you pre-fabricated chimney, and you need to be sure that they are in good condition to prevent structural damage in your chimney​.

Energy efficiency in your home is very important.  Traditional dampers are a common cause of air loss in your home.  A top-mount damper is an excellent solution to that problem, and we feel no one does it better than Lyemance

​This video features our owner and chief sweep Stuart Merting performing a sweep and visual safety inspection on a standard wood-burning fireplace.

Informational Videos

The following are  informational videos on the work that we do and the products that we use.

Water damage to your chimney can be dangerous and costly.  Waterproofing your chimney is an easy way to help maintain it's structural integrity.  We use and recommend Chimney Saver by SaverSystems.

​​Castle Chimney Sweeps