Chase Pans

Here we can see a close up of a chimney with a deteriorated crown.  It has completely deteriorated from the beveled area, and the very top shows freeze-thaw cracks.  Freeze thaw cracks occur as water penetrates the chimney crown then freezes and expands causing these cracks.  If allowed to become serious you run the risk of water penetrating the chimney and causing structural damage.  


Not every chimney will require a full reline or extensive repairs, but every once in a while smaller repairs are required to help maintain your chimney or masonry.  Here you will find some before and after pictures of smaller repairs and maintenance work complete by Castle Chimney. 

Here we see a standard before and after of a chimney crown seal.  In this case a wire mesh was also applied over the flue opening to prevent animals from entering the flue.

​​Castle Chimney Sweeps

The far left picture here gives you a closer look at a deteriorated chimney crown.  You can see the thin cracks that have formed.  These are called freeze-thaw cracks.  You may also notice the broken flue tile on the right side.  The center and right hand photos show the applied crown seal as well replaced flue tile and installed chimney caps. 

This photo set shows some damage caused by the use of incorrect products to a masonry chimney.  You can see in the center the hard acrylic coating on the top and sides of the chimney.  This hard coating was not designated for use on masonry, and the homeowner is lucky that the issue was caught quickly and corrected before serious damage could occur.  The hard coating was difficult to remove before the crown could be reapplied and the brickwork repainted. 

These pictures show a chase pan that is rusted and badly fitting.  These can lead to water penetration of this pre-fabricated chimney which can cause rot or mold.  Our custom made chase pan are galvanized steel, with stamped and soldered corners to create a sturdier structure and stronger frame. 

Crown Seals

The crown is the very top of your chimney.  It is important that this part of your chimney be maintained to prevent water penetration, which can damage the masonry structure of your chimney, and weaken it.  Masonry chimneys will expand and contract through the weather cycle, and this will cause cracks in your chimney crown.  Crown seals prevent water penetration while still allowing the brick to expand and contract.