​​Castle Chimney Sweeps

 Leaning Chimney

Lightning Strike

Chimney damaged by a lightning strike.

We work on hundreds of properties a year. Have a look at some of our work.

One Large Furnace Flue

Installing a new liner for this furnace.

This chimney, was built using some questionable masonry methods.  As a result the chimney was compromised in the attic causing CO2 to leak out.

Damage caused by a chimney explosion!

Pre-fab Chimney Repair

Factory built fireplace system

Improperly Installed Chase Pan

This chase pan was installed and trim was nailed around it.  This allowed water to seep into chimney and caused wood to rot.

Single Flue Fireplace Reline

This fireplace already contained a stainless steel liner, but it was undersized and improperly installed.

* Permits required on all lining system installations!

Triple Reline of Older Home

Triple reline of 100 year old home with two fireplaces and a furnace.

This multi-flue chimney exploded due to an improper liner installation.  The hazardous creosote was never removed before the new and undersized liner was put in.