​​Castle Chimney Sweeps

* Permits required on all lining system installations!

Chimney Fire Hazards

Missing tile joints and cracked flue tiles can lead to creosote leakage.  This build up and leakage of creosote can ignite and cause chimney fires. 

Chimney Fire Caused by Poor Masonry

Here we can see both the cause and result of a chimney fire.  Incorrectly laid bricks created a fire  hazard in this home.

Poorly Built New Construction Chimney

These pictures are from a new construction home whose chimney was not built to code, and as a result had to be completely relined.

Chimney Fire Damage

We all love to sit in front of a cozy crackling fire in our fireplace.  But failing to maintain your fireplace and chimney with regular inspections and cleanings can mean that safety hazards can go uncorrected.  These hazards can cause chimney fires, which result in serious and costly damages to your home and property.